Rules of the WikiEdit

This wiki is for those people that wish to make Creepypasta spin offs but don't want to flood creepypasta wiki with spin offs or break the creepypasta wiki rules. No illegal stuff and for the love of god dont disrespect the authority. I had to remove someone from the website permananetly for this so here we go.

Rule 1: No disrespect to authority or the new RELEASED admin CupcAKEman

Rule 2:No ponies


Creepypasta Spinoffs WikiEdit

Hey, its the Pasta Spinoffs wiki creator, TheBoldWriter, and this place is for whatever creepypastas you want to make. As long as there's nothing illegal or spammy, you won't be banned. This wiki is so that we don't get in trouble for making spinoffs on the CreepyPasta site. Have fun!

The rules are in the rules catagory, and we won't have to watch every move everyone makes so long as nothing bad happens.

Latest activityEdit

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